Our Store

Cultivating the Beautiful

After getting our start in the family garage in 1956, we opened our store here at 120th and Maple a couple decades later. Since, we’ve added some greenhouses and a few other buildings, but our focus remains the same: growing the conversation about making Omaha a more beautiful place to live.

A Christmas Tradition

We know the anticipation and the joy of the season – for Christmas traditions celebrated with the ones you love. Bring your family this holiday season and spend the day making memories – finding the perfect Christmas tree, picking new ornaments for everyone on your list, choosing your heirloom collectible. Our lifelike tree collection is here, and fresh-cut trees are on their way too. Stop in and find new inspiration for this year’s holiday season.

This is What We Do

We know that Christmas traditions are important. That’s why we’re here to help you make the holiday special – creating custom planters for your doorstep, wrapping your holiday gifts, finding a tree that’s right for your space. It’s Sandi in the picture, but all of us here would love the chance to get to know you – and to help you make this holiday season beautiful.